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Instagram is a social photo and video sharing site, and Instagram marketing is one of the easiest and most popular ways to market your business. With over 1 Billion active users as of June 2018, IG is a rich source of customers. So it goes without saying that you need to create an IG account for your store/business.

To break it down by country, here is the IG usage:

instagram number of users 2018

USA leads Instagram usage with 120 million monthly users, followed by Brazil, then India. This is useful information when you want to target marketing by country.

What is Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing is relatively easier to understand and follow compared to Facebook Ads. For business, it comprises of posting your product’s images or videos related to your niche and using hashtags along with the post.

Using Instagram to Promote By Yourself

What hashtags are and how it helps your business

Hashtags are keywords wherein you will put the # sign before the word, for e.g. #fashionaccessories, #travels, etc.

You put these hashtags in your post along with the image or video of your product or related images. For example

instagram marketing

The purpose of Instagram hashtags is to let your post be discovered by others who have a similar interest in your topic.

How to choose your hashtags

Here are the 3 sites where you can get hashtag ideas:

Tagblender :

Instagram Tags


Instagram Tips

Engage with your followers and those that you follow. Like and comment on their posts.

Post regularly, consistently.

Spy on your competitors. Check their followers and follow them too.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer  from 50,000 to 300,000 or even 400,000 is the sweet spot. More importantly, look at the engagement.  A 5% engagement rate is good for a 50,000 volume of followers, tapering off as the number of followers gets bigger.

Here are the ways and tools to help you with Influencer Marketing:

Instagram Marketing Hub

This site will help you evaluate a potential influencer to pay for a shoutout. You can use these tools to evaluate an influencer:

Here is a general guide from for engagement rates both in Instagram and Twitter. From there you can have an idea if you want to get in touch with an influencer for a shoutout of your product:

Engagement Rate Calculator IG and Twitter

From there, on the same page, you will see this engagement calculator for Instagram, just type in the Instagram Username:

IG Influencer Calculator | Influencer Marketing | Instagram Marketing

Social Blade

It is important to check if one’s followers are legitimate (Oh yes you can buy fake followers!). You can check legitimacy of followers by using Social Blade. Any spike in the number of followers is suspicious and you have to dig deeper.

Best Time to Post on Instagram App

There are different opinions of the best time to post on Instagram app.  You can start with scheduling a post between 2am to 5pm. Experiment different posting times and eventually you will need to view your own IG Analytics. A good tool to analyze this is Iconosquare, although IG has its own analytics too found on your own IG account’s posts.


You can find Instagram accounts on related niche in Google by typing this on the search bar:

site:domain search term

For example travel

Google Instagram account search according to topic

Here you will see accounts related to travel, how many followers etc. From there you can use the IG influencer Engagement rate mentioned earlier.

The Price and Schedule of Shoutouts

Price varies immensely, sometimes one with under 10,000 followers will agree to an exdeal like a product. But a recommended guide is under 300,000 an offer of $20 is reasonable.

Sometimes an influencer will start off high and you can negotiate.

Assuming your target is an international audience, best bang for your buck is a 12-hour shout out from 9am  to 9pm PST , but best to keep track of your IG analytics too.

The abovementioned steps are the ways you can find influencers, then Direct Message them to negotiate with the shoutout pricing etc. Or you can skip all the steps and find it in one place: ShoutCart.


A good source to find influencers to do shoutouts is There you will see the influencer’s following, their Shoutcart score, success rate and the rate of their shoutout. If you are looking for a reliable source of influencers and the important details to determine if you want this influencer for a shoutout, check their profile at Shoutcart.

Use one influencer at a time for a product so you can easily track and trace who is delivering the sales.



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