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SEO and Digital Marketing Certifications

If you are looking for a top-rated SEO freelancer to get your business some organic traffic, check out my results of clients who not only survived the pandemic, but even flourished!

Certified SEO Professional

Certified SEMRush Professional

Worked for companies in the US, Canada, Australia:

  • (U.S.)
  • (U.S.)
  • Top Hat Media (Australia)
  • Gratsberry Trust (Australia)
  • (Canada)
  • Restaurant Clients in the Philippines
SEO Fundamental Certification
SEMRush SEO Fundamental Certification
SEMrush Certification - SEO Professional Hazel Christine V. Herber
SEMrush Certification
SEO Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
SEO Certification
Search Engine Marketing Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
Search Engine Marketing Certification
Content Marketing Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
Content Marketing Certification
Affiliate Marketing Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
Affiliate Marketing Certification
ECommerce Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
ECommerce Certification
Email Marketing Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
Email Marketing Certification
Online Marketing Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
Online Marketing Certification
Blogging Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
Blogging Certification
Social Media Marketing Certification - Hazel Christine V. Herber
Social Media Marketing Certification


I have produced amazing results whether as a certified SEO professional or an SEO writer.

Sample Clients

Client #1 The New Peach Blossoms

Client experienced a 700% growth website traffic in 7 months

Client #2 Cabizerra

Client went from ZERO traffic to consistent steady website traffic

How SEO Results to Website Traffic
Cabizerra’s website traffic continues to grow

Client #3

Client became #1 in Google for “best internet provider canada”

Ranking in Google
Client became #1 for search term cheapest internet canada

Client #4 #1 in Google for roof asphalt shingles australia
Client became #1 in Google

Client #5: San Gabriel Cemetery

Check the before and after I worked on their SEO

onpage off page SEO service

Client #6: Arlington Concrete 

Check the screenshots before and after my SEO services, from 8 keywords, almost one year later more than 1000 keywords indexed.

Client #7: PiqueBH in Beverly Hills

The client was not even close to the first page of Google. Two months later it was on the first page and now #1 in her niche.

Client #8: LifeCoachingforParents

The client had only less than 100 keywords indexed. Almost one year later, it had 651 keywords.

Affordable SEO Services with Results

Client #9: Podiatrist in Adelaide

1261% Organic traffic growth year on year

affordable SEO professional with 1261% growth for a client

Client #10: Pool Company in Oklahoma

723% organic growth in 2 months, despite the pandemic!

723% organic growth from affordable SEO services

Client #11: Contract Lawyer in Australia

181% growth in 3 months

SEO results from affordable SEO services

Client #12: Property Management in Sunshine Coast QLD

169% organic growth in one month with proper on-page optimsation

169% growth in one month from affordable SEO Services

Client #13: Shopify Site growth

Before SEO: 1 KW on top 3, 16 KWS on positions 4-10

11 months after SEO: 69 KWs on top 3, and 84 KWs on positions 4-10

Shopify SEO Specialist results

Client #14:  A Local Business 

Identity is withheld to protect my client. 442% Organic growth in almost a year

SEO Results

If you want long-term results, having a search-engine optimized website is the way to go. It is branding, building identity, and a strong and steady online presence.

SEO Writing with Results

First Page Results

  1. From zero to 23 keywords on first page with 5 on top 3

2. From zero to 40 keywords on first page, with 9 on top 3 including Featured Snippets

3. From zero to  42 keywords on first page with 2 on top three, including a Featured Snippet

seo writing ranking on first page

4. SEO Writing that produces results in Google Analytics

Organic Traffic by SEO Writing

Google Analytics of high performing content

With SEO expertise, I was able to improve the traffic of a practically dead article by rewriting from scratch.

Getting Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet with SEO Writing Featured Snippet with SEO Writing Featured Snippet with SEO Writing

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Web Development


A few  of my clients include:

WordPress Developer Certification

WordPress CertificationWordPress developer